Downtown Parking Lots Completed

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Monday, July 9

Downtown Greer parking lots and alleyways are under construction, and it’s only the beginning of what’s to come.

The City’s infrastructure overall will continue to improve as Greer moves closer to its Streetscape Project.

“There are two different projects that are certainly happening out there,” City Administrator Ed Driggers said. “CPW (has) completed their natural gas installation and the sewer lines installation, and they are now in the process of finalizing their water line installations in the downtown area. That’s why you see temporary lines above ground, markers, sandbags, those types of things. Most of that work is taking place at night.”

Crews overhauled parking lots at The Depot on Randall Street in June.

“The new construction for the lot behind the Depot building; that project is coming to a conclusion,” Driggers said. “We have resurfaced the Depot itself.”

A few other areas, such as the area behind School Street, have also been resurfaced. Many other parking sites have also been re-striped, with lots being open over the weekend for the Freedom Blast festival.

“It was our intent for that work to be in advance of us doing the larger streetscape project,” he said. “We’re in the final review now of the construction plans for the streetscape project.”

Once the final reviews are complete, the city will accept bids for the project, and they anticipate about three to four weeks to receive those bids.

“We’re hoping to bring that to you in August for consideration of bids of the project,” Driggers said to council. “Our desire would be that in September we would begin construction of the larger streetscape project in the downtown area.”

“We are coordinating logistics with that project now relative to parking, where we will move parking during construction,” Driggers said.

Some private parking areas will be available for public use during the project, and the city is also working on a shuttle transportation program.

“Our number one priority in this project is to make sure that paying customers, those folks who want to do business with our businesses, that they are able to get to them and that they will have the closest, most accessible access to parking,” Driggers said, “and when there is construction to that area, that we’re making provisions to get them to those sites as well.”

“Workers, both public and private, in the downtown area, we are proceeding to move/bus to those outer areas so that we can get customers the closest parking for offices and commercial retail businesses in our downtown,” he said.

With all the work to be done, Driggers is setting the message for the city.

“You will never hear us say, ‘pardon our mess’ or ‘pardon our dust,’” Driggers said. “You will hear us constantly say, ‘this is the future of Greer,’ and ‘this is what we are excited about’; this is what you will see as this project comes to fruition.

“We are continuing to work with our partners on the hotel and our work on the garage site,” he said. “We anticipate that we still should see demolition beginning relatively soon. Those processes are moving forward.”

Approvals have been made for the demolition of that site for the hotel, and city officials have seen the first renderings of the structure for the parking garage.

“Our objective is to make sure that we have a parking structure waiting to open when the hotel opens,” Driggers said. “Then, we’re anticipating that that’s probably an early to bid in 2020 for that.”

“The timing, the sequencing of everything, is exactly as we envisioned it would be at this point,” he said. “We’re working really, really hard to keep the community informed.”

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Written by Kaelyn Cashman, Greer Citizen

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