Pelican's SnoBalls Donation to Help Greer Police

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Tuesday, July 3

If you run into a Greer Police officer this summer, your next SnoBall from Pelican’s could be on them.

The Greer Police Department recently received a $1,000 donation from Pelican’s SnoBalls in the form of Pelican Bucks, and authorities say they’re excited to use it as a tool to reach the community.

“We try and interact with folks from all areas that we serve,” Lt. Patrick Fortenberry said. “This donation is a good way for us to continue those interactions, especially with kids. In this extremely hot weather, this is a way for us to help a kid get a treat that they can enjoy.”

Owner Will Freeman jumped at the opportunity to get active in the community.

“We want to be known for being part of the community,” Freeman said. “We thought this was a great idea and a great way to get involved.

“This is going to help them reach out to the community. There’s a lot of bad publicity out there for cops nowadays. Hopefully this will be a way for them to bridge that gap and change that perception. If we can be a part of that, then great. Hopefully, it will help us generate a little bit more business too.”

The Pelican Bucks will be redeemable at any location, including the 102 Park Ave. site in Greer.

“Each Pelican Buck is the same as $1. If you come in with two Pelican Bucks, that will get you a kiddie SNOBALL,” Freeman said. “Our prices are $2-$5, so this should help people out.”

Freeman has lived in Greer since he was a kid.

“I’ve grown up in Greer my whole life, so seeing the revitalization of this community and being a part of that has been exciting,” Freeman said. “Hopefully we can bring more people downtown and folks can see how great Greer is.”

Pelican SnoBalls just signed a lease for a second location off South Buncombe Road, with plans to open in July.

“This will just give Greer customers another place to go and help us reach more of the community,” he said.

Until then, however, the SnoBall shop is in the middle of its busiest season.

“It starts about mid-June and goes through mid-August,” Freeman said. “That’s when business really kicks up. We’re open all the way through October.”

The Greer Police Department is continuing its community outreach this week with a youth summer camp for middle school students.

“The kids will get to meet police officers and go out to some special things,” Fotenberry said. “We want the program to teach character traits and some other aspects of being a successful young person.”

Fortenberry said the department will continue to rely on the support of the community throughout the year.

“The business community couldn’t be any better to the police department,” Fortenberry said. “During our Cops for Tots program, the businesses help us tremendously. We couldn’t do a lot of the things we do without them. They’re a tremendous asset to the police department.”


Written by Billy Cannada, Greer Citizen

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