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Our Mission
Since 1928, we’ve been helping local businesses form valuable relationships with new homeowners by providing exclusive spots in our direct mail gift book program.
So, what makes us different from other community marketing companies who send coupon mailers?
Our Focus
We only market to people who have just moved to an area. By concentrating our market to new movers, we are bridging the gap between local businesses and those in need of local recommendations and savings.
Doctors, restaurants, dry cleaners, and other types of local businesses can grow their business, increase their customer base, and improve ROI by targeting new homeowners who are impressionable and looking for reliable services nearby.
New homeowners establish more business relationships in year one of a move than any other, which provides an opportunity for businesses to capitalize on. Surveys have discovered that 85% of new homeowners will use the first vendor that contacts them and 93% say they would take advantage of an offer or invitation from a local business that took the time to welcome them.
Our Strategy
When new homeowners move into an area, we utilize direct mail and digital marketing to successfully connect these new movers to a local business and promote its offers. A local business can secure placement in the Welcome Wagon gift book, which includes a custom, full-page ad with their logo, information, and a compelling offer.
In addition to gift books, we offer a full-service digital marketing program, a social media program, postcard design and delivery, and the opportunity to be featured on Welcome Wagon’s mobile app and website directory.
Our Exclusive Touch
What sets us apart is our new mover targeting and exclusivity feature. Each gift book features one business for each service category, such as dentistry, HVAC, etc. Business owners can target local residents exclusively for 12 months without having to consider whether competitors are featuring offers on the next page.
For 91 years we’ve been helping local businesses reach new movers before their competition. For more information on how to advertise with Welcome Wagon, visit https://www.welcomewagon.com/.

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Vickie Fowler
Email: vickie.fowler@welcomewagon.com
Phone: (864) 201-3179
Website: www.welcomewagon.com

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