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300 Randall St
Suite D
Greer, SC  29651
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Our Mission is to help every man, woman and child in our community to achieve higher levels of health through regular, affordable Chiropractic care – allowing families to get weekly access to regular Chiropractic care with our unique style of practice.

Nxt Lvl Chiropractic was founded by Gregory Brown, D.C. in 2018 and is a membership style practice. Like a gym membership, our members pay monthly for weekly access to the office to be checked for vertebral subluxations (a detrimental effect of pressure on the nerve caused by misalignment and lack of motion of the spine which affects the brain and body function leading to ill-health).

We do not seek to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Chiropractic is a separate and distinct profession whose only desire is to rid the body of subluxation through analyzation, location and correction to facilitate healing within the body using the body’s own inborn (innate) wisdom.

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Dr. Greg Brown
Email: drgregorybrown@gmail.com
Phone: (864) 479-0808
Website: nxtlvlchiro.com/

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